This blog has been created by Selene and Alessandra, students of the SSML “Gregorio VII” (Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators) in Rome. We thought about this project in preparation for the final exam of Italian Art & Culture ; furthermore, “MisteROMondo” aims at promoting and increasing the value of tourism in our territory.

Our degree offers you many career opportunities! Today, foreign  languages acknowledge  is fundamental in the job market and with our passion we hit it on the nail! The good acknowledge of languages ensure us a reliability in fact if we would work abroad we should find work more easily than everyone else! The main career opportunity is the linguistic mediator but this professional figure has to know not only the foreign language but also the culture and habits of a nation. This figure is not only an interpreter but also a real mediator between different peoples. We have to admit that working abroad and at the same time knowing languages  is a big advantage!

The SSML “Gregorio VII” offers their students the possibility to work in other working sectors.  Look at this blog and that of fontaneromane(http://lefontaneromane.wordpress.com/) to understand that they are created with the view to promote tourism in our country.

Thanks to the essential language and computer acknowledge we can work in every field we want…From the receptionist in important hotels to entrepreneur of a travel agency!

During our 3 years of courses we have also learned how to create multimedia videos and we have attended cinematic adaptation courses! In fact another job opportunity is to work in the cinematic field! Moreover,  diction courses give us the possibility to become  real dubbers, cinematic adaptors, translators of scripts and journalists too!

With our passion for languages, communication, international relations and cinema and with the “Gregorio VII” degree, success is guaranteed!   

This project has its roots in our curiosity about the different mysteries of Rome and of the entire world and its aim is to draw the attention of tourists not only on Rome’s and world’s most famous and evocative monuments, but also on its hidden corners, precious and rich in history and mysteries alike.Persuaded of the importance of this idea, we have decided to organize virtual tours to satisfy every demand!

The initiative is supported by ASTRAMBIENTE (Scientific Association  for  the Preservation of  Environmental Resources) and by Professor Adriana Bisirri, Director of  Studies of the SSML “Gregorio VII”.


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