In the Soviet Union 1978  Mendelejew Wladimir Charitonow saw an UFO which appeared to be made out of two sections and  a command console. The witness saw 3 aliens with a human aspect except for the faces. A humanoid invited him to come in, he accepted. Mendelejew came back to earth to tell his adventure.

Another episode happened on 6th July 1989, when a black-yellow figure without head but with two long arms came out in the UFO near the river of Kharovsk. Four children saw the scene, in which an unaware woman approached to the UFO. The children screamed but she didn’t listen to them. She disappeared and then reappeared – after one second – 40 meters further on. She fled in terror.

Less than a year ago an unidentified flying object was spotted in the sky of Shangai. There were no delays or cancellations in flights but a huge circular object was said to be seen by several pilots who reported the sightings to the East China Air Traffic Control Bureau. It was 10 km above Shangai.


In 1800 the Hymalayan population, the Sherpa people, told that they saw on the mountains wild men covered with hair. Thousands of expeditions started in order to discover who really was Yeti. There are many hypotheses on Yeti’s identity and one of these believe that it is a descendant of the survived Neanderthal who lives away from the modern society.

There are two kinds of Yeti:

The “Dzu-ti”  three meters tall and very dangerous

The “Meh-ti” shorter and milder

The American version of the Yeti is Big Foot or Sasquatch in Canada.


The Lemuria continent disappeared  about  10000 years ago, period in which Atlantis disappeared too because of a massive catastrophe. This catastrophe is not the unique hypotheses. Given that these two powers disappeared more or less in the same period, one of these hypotheses told that they disappeared because they destroyed one another for the lust for a global hegemony. Furthermore not too far away from Yonaguni some ruins of a big city with temples and pyramids were discovered.

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