Not too far away from Sidney there is the National Park of Hunter Valley, where ancient Egyptians hieroglyphics were found in a cave! There are at least 250. The ancient Egyptian god “Anubis”, the Judge of the Dead is depicted too. These hieroglyphics  are extremely ancient, in the style of the early dynasties. This old style is very difficult to translate, only Ray Johnson, an ageing Egyptologist and translator for the Museum of Antiquities in Cairo has been able to do it. The hieroglyphics talk about a tragic story of ancient explorers shipwrecked in an isolated country and the death of their royal leader “Lord Djes-eb”. This is the text translated by Ray Johnson:

“For two seasons he made his way westward, weary, but strong to the end. Always praying, joyful, and smiting insects. He, the servant of God, said God brought the insects…Have gone around hills and deserts, in wind and rain, with no lakes at hand… He was killed while carrying the Golden Falcon Standard up front in a foreign land, crossing mountains, desert and water along the way. .”He, who died before, is here laid to rest. May he have life everlasting. He is never again to stand beside the waters of the Sacred Mer.”…MER meaning “love”. “The snake bit twice. Those followers of the diving Lord “KHUFU”, mighty one of Lower Egypt, Lord of the Two Adzes, not all shall return. We must go forward and not look back. All the creek and river beds are dry. Our boat is damaged and tied up with rope. Death was caused by snake. We gave egg-yolk from the medicine-chest and prayed to AMEN, the Hidden One, for he was struck twice. “We walled in the side entrance to the chamber with stones from all around. We aligned the chamber with the Western Heavens. The three doors of eternity were connected to the rear end of the royal tomb and sealed in. We placed beside it a vessel, the holy offering, should he awaken from the tomb. Separated from home is the Royal body and all others. “


Mistery in Lyall bay, New Zealand. Transparent creatures with black eyes and little legs were found beached in Lyall Bay. They are unidentified. There are several hypothesis about their nature. Auckland University associate professor Mark Costello said the creatures could be either Phronima or Hyperia amphipods, a sort of plankton and jellyfish’s parasitics. But Victoria University PhD student Lisa Bryant said it appeared to be a Themisto australis, which is the only species found in coastal mainland New Zealand. Mr Costello said such a beaching was unusual and the creatures were probably washed ashore by the wind.


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